Y A R D   W O R K


The water drops quickly in the pond whenever it gets over 100 degrees. This requires some attention because refilling the pond is the quickest way to kill the expensive fish in the pond. I have to resort to creating a waterfall effect off the vegetation (the lilies sticking out of the pond) to keep the amount of water going in to a slow trickle.

None of the fish are worth more than $10 but all of them are important. I'm not sure what all is in the pond. It has a difficult history. Once the dog was running too fast trying to catch a bird and fell in. That happened to Justin once too but we won't discuss that any further.

One of my friends who worked at a seafood restaurant came over years ago with live craw fish and put some in there. Whenever it rains so hard that the pond overflows the water drains into the French drain that surrounds it. Sometimes a craw fish will decide to get out and wander around. The craw fish usually find themselves in the pool after that. I've discovered the pool chlorine does nothing to craw fish so you have to fish them out with a net at that point, which is fun after a few beers.

The picture contains several pots full of peppers. I've got green chilies, serrano, and jalapeņos growing as well as a tomato. Several people on this blog also garden and those plants are some of mine. The side yard has a small bed with herbs and there is a good sized rosemary in the pictures next to the pond.

There is also a good sized perch in there who is invincible by any standard of survival. Those are free critters that won't leave (no matter what). Frogs come every year in the spring. They are a major problem because their calls for females are relentless. They mimic the calls from some of my friends earlier in the spring :) Many frogs have been thrown as far out of the yard as possible by friends who can't take it any more. My friend Megan has also gotten rid of a few of my more retarded buddies.

The Koi root into the lilies if they get too big. The whole point of having the pond is for the lilies. Happily the koi are often not strong enough to survive more than five or six years so that is manageable. The lilies are often the size of a dinner plates and very bright hot pink. I can't remember owning a house that didn't have lilies somewhere on the property.

Anyway I took these pictures for mhappenow so she wouldn't think that all I care about is sending fucking Karl Rove to jail.

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